Wendi Wiese, PGA

Founder of Texas Team Junior Golf
Director of Instruction, Pebble Creek Country Club

Texas Team Junior Golf was founded by Wendi Wiese, PGA with the intent of offering a fun-filled after school golf development program for 

3 -14 years old. Texas Team conducts a six-level after school program powered by Operation 36.  As children progress through the six-level program they are given opportunities to advance and compete in a level that is just right for them. Texas Team provides opportunities for them to apply the skills they’re learning in class to the golf course through Operation 36 matches and Team Golf (PGA Jr League Golf).  We transition kids with Camps, and with our year-round programs (LPGA/USGA Girls Golf) where we perform clinics at partner golf facilities. Texas Team then gets the whole family involved through SNAG Family Fun Clinics and Parent- Junior Events.

Prior to the creation of Texas Team, Wendi spent 11 years as the assistant women’s golf coach at Texas A&M University. During that time she developed a passion for the fine art of coaching. Leadership, process thinking, and her skills in motor development learning contributed to the team’s accumulation of four Big 12 Championship Team Wins, 12 Team Tournament Wins, 7 NCAA Division One National Championship Appearances and 5 NCAA All-Americans.

Wendi played on the Texas A&M Golf Team in college. Upon graduation, Wendi and her husband David moved to Colorado so she could learn to teach golf at the Vail Golf Club in Vail, Colorado where she entered the PGA program. Wendi worked at the Vail Golf Club for 3 seasons. Then she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where she was an Assistant Professional at the prestigious Desert Highlands Golf Club.

Wendi’s passion for growing the game through at school/after school golf is evident in her personal philosophy that anything worth doing is worth having fun doing. She is passionate about golf and the valuable lessons it provides. Wendi believes children should be taught how to play golf while they are young. Golf teaches children patience, discipline, and encourages respectful behavior plus the skills they learn stay with them all their lives.  Wendi is a recipient of the 2012 US Kids Golf Top, 50 Kids, teacher honorable mention.


Private Instruction


Adults: 30 min Lesson: $50  Pebble Creek Members $45

              50 min Lesson: $80  Pebble Creek Members $75


Juniors: 30 min Lesson: $45  Pebble Creek Members $40

               50 min Lesson $75  Pebble Creek Members $65

Semi Private Instruction


Multi-Session Series for 2, 3 and 4 Players!  Each of these series will be designed to cover the needs of the participants. You and your friends/family can learn the game together, improve your shots around the green, gain more distance off the tee or work on your course management skills. You will decide how your time will be spent.


One-Hour Session  

2 students           $ 60 per person

3 students           $ 50 per person

4 students           $ 40 per person

Three-Lesson Series  

2 students           $170 per person

3 students           $140 per person

4 students           $110 per person

Five-Lesson Series  

2 students           $280 per person

3 students           $230 per person

4 students           $200 per person